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Welcome to our "Best of" Testimonial Page!

"We chose SAGA because of the balance between language immersion, a curriculum based approach and the obvious attention to detail. We have not yet been dissapointed!"

Stacey Wiggins, current SAGA Preschool parent

"Our two boys have been attending SAGA school since we relocated to Seattle from Europe four years ago. SAGA school provides a unique view, based on a foreign culture and language, that complements our day-to-day American experience. As well as being fluently bilingual, our children are growing up with a more complete and open perspective on the world. To this mix we can add SAGA’s attentive and expert teaching and the result is a school that reflects our ideals and values while providing the perfect start to a life-long journey of discovery and learning."

Matt Robshaw, current SAGA Elementary School parent

"SAGA means community, culture, caring, teaching excellence to me!"

Brian McKinley, current SAGA PreK parent

".....the school is so much more than "just a" German immersion school. SAGA feels like an extension of our family and is such a creative, healthy, loving, caring, fun and motivating place for my daughter."

Annette Veihelmann, current SAGA Preschool parent

"The SAGA School is an anchor point for German, Austrian, and Swiss families in Seattle and has made a huge difference in the life of my little bicultural family..... I am so thankful to the SAGA School, which my son attended for two happy years of preschool. SAGA is where he developed a sense of community, where he formed his first friendships, and where his bilingualism became not only completely normal to him, but an experience shared with peers. As a parent, I felt like I could finally relax a little, and that the responsibility of maintaining his German and raising him with an awareness of his Austrian heritage did not rest on my shoulders alone. The immersion in German culture SAGA offers goes far beyond honoring big holidays and traditions, and includes daily exposure to a continental European way of life in its curriculum. For instance, there is an emphasis on environmental stewardship, which reflects Germany’s pioneering role in sustainability. We have also appreciated the school’s emphasis on the arts. A lot of the instruction in the preschool classrooms happens through music and songs, in a curriculum designed and taught by Anita Dunlap. My son still pulls a German song out of his hat for every season and occasion. SAGA also partners with a wonderful recorder teacher, Sabine Endrigkeit, who offers individual and group lessons (in German!) in this staple instrument of German and Austrian childhood after school (with lots of opportunities for recitals). SAGA has a well-stocked K-5 children’s library, so we always have a rotating stack of German books at home. While I am thankful for the strong foundation my son has gained in German, SAGA has also done an excellent job of preparing my son academically for entering an English language kindergarten at a local independent school. People often ask me if it’s difficult to raise a child with more than one language. Now, I can honestly answer, “no!” because I had the help and support of the SAGA School. Thank you!"

Verena Schowengerdt-Kuzmany, SAGA Alumni parent