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Board of Directors 2016-17

Elke Robshaw


Elke Robshaw is starting her three-year position serving as President of the SAGA School Board of Directors. Elke has served on the Board for a number of years and has two children at SAGA. During her tenure with the Board, Elke has played a key role in Hiring and Curriculum Committee work at SAGA. Her dedication and commitment has helped refine the school’s missions and goals and ensure the quality of educators and education our children are receiving. Elke is a former Account Manager at Henner.

Michelle Tolman


Michelle Tolman has been with the SAGA Board since 2015. She is a former Quality Improvement Consultant for Seattle Children's. Michelle provides valuable oversight on our Finance Committee. Michelle is mother of two SAGA children.

James Danielson


James Danielson joined the SAGA Board in 2010 and serves as the Board Secretary. Father of three elementary school students, James has a background in law and works for the Seattle Police Department in Human Resources.

Mimi Hoover


Mimi Hoover joins our Board after many years of volunteering in the SAGA School community. She has one daughter at SAGA. Mimi currently works for Alaska Airlines and brings her excellent program management and oversight to our Financial Committee as the new Treasurer of the SAGA Board of Directors.

Barbara Curran-Steiner

Barbara Curran has been with the SAGA Board since 2009. Barbara is CFO of Curran Catalog and graduated from the University of Lausanne, Switzerland. Since joining the Board, Barbara has served the school in multiple functions and currently oversees the afterschool enrichment programs at SAGA. Barbara is mother to two elementary school students.

Melissa Goss-Jentz

Melissa Goss-Jentz joined the SAGA Board in 2015. Melissa is a former Director of Marketing and is mother to two SAGA students. Melissa helps organize the Board's communications and organizes some of the school's events.

Teni Leist

Teni Leist began her relationship with the SAGA School in 2010 as an assistant teacher and volunteer and, most recently, she assisted with our move to Greenwood. Teni completed degrees in both Architecture and German Language & Literature at the Ohio State University after having studied at Reed College and the Rheinische Freidrich-Wilhelms-Universitaet-Bonn. She currently works for the EMP Museum as a Special Projects Manager and Facility Operations Supervisor. Teni is pleased with the opportunity to leverage her skills to give back to the community that supported and encouraged her career development and we look forward to having her input on our Facility Committee and overseeing the purchase of our building.

Sarah Lill

Sarah Lill joined the SAGA Board in 2015, and has served as head of the Facility Committee and co-chair of the Health & Safety Committee. Sarah is passionate about sustainability and how the SAGA School can better its environmental footprint. She is a former Physician Assistant at the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center. Sarah is mother to two children at SAGA.

Shannon Monroe

Shannon Monroe is the newest to our community to join the SAGA Board of Directors. Shannon graduated from the University of California with a degree in English, Film and Visual Culture. Post graduation, Shannon has worked in various high tech industries, bringing science fiction visions of future advancement to reality in new mediums and platforms. He is currently working at Microsoft, and is looking forward to helping SAGA anchor its place in the German American, and Seattle community. Shannon will be leading Fundraising Committee. Shannon has one son in preschool.