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Board of Directors 2022-23


Board Members


Torsten Heider Torsten Heider

Torsten Heider joined the SAGA Board of Directors as the Treasurer in late 2017 and was elected as Board President in March 2020. Torsten holds a Master’s degree in Information Technology and worked for several international companies as an IT project manager. He relocated from Germany to Seattle in 2014 and especially enjoys the Pacific Northwest outdoors.


Michael Michael Behnke
Michael Behnke has a degree in Public Relations/Communications and a Masters in Divinity. Prior to moving to Seattle he spent 12 years overseeing operations for Southwest Airlines in Portland, Tampa, Columbus, and Baltimore. After moving to Seattle, he left work to stay at home with their son who is a student at SAGA. Michael loves to read, enjoys cooking, and occasionally tries to learn a song on his guitar. His family loves to travel and Michael looks forward each year to his time in Northern Germany visiting family and friends. Michael has served as a COVID Site Coordinator and is currently managing the school's SAGA Strategic Initiative.


Juergen Schatzer Juergen Schatzer

Juergen Schatzer, a German community member, serves as Treasurer for the SAGA Board of Directors. After studying in Austria and the Midwest, he was working for a German media company as a Systems Analyst in NYC before moving to Seattle. Juergen is the father of a teenage daughter.


Barbara Curran Barbara Curran-Steiner, Board Member Emeritus

Barbara Curran has been with the SAGA Board since 2009 and has Board Emeritus status due to her long tenure. Barbara is CFO of Curran Catalog and graduated from the University of Lausanne, Switzerland. Since joining the Board, Barbara has served the school in multiple functions and currently oversees the governance/trustee committee at SAGA. Barbara is mother to two bilingual boys and enjoys hiking.


James Danielson James Danielson, Board Member Emeritus

James Danielson joined the SAGA Board in 2010. Father of three bilingual boys, James has a background in law and works for the Seattle Police Department in Human Resources.


Dana Bagwell Dr. Dana Bagwell

Dana Bagwell has enjoyed many years of experience with her children at the SAGA School. Dana has a PhD in communication from the University of Washington and has extensive experience living in and traveling around German-speaking countries. Dana is assisting the Board with fundraising efforts and communications. Dana is mother to two bilingual girls and enjoys being in the outdoors and skiing.


Olaf Weckner Dr. Olaf Weckner

Dr. Olaf Weckner was born in Goettingen obtaining his PhD in Engineering Science at the Technical University of Berlin. In 2004, he moved to Boston to continue his research as a Postdoctoral Fellow at MIT. In 2005, Olaf moved to Seattle to work for Boeing. Outside of work Olaf loves to spend time with his family, go for a run or drive his old Mercedes. Olaf assists the Board with strategic planning and "hands on" facility projects.Olaf is father to one preschool student and two elementary students.


Kathleen Koehler Kathleen Koehler

Kathleen was born and raised in Meissen, Germany. She holds a BA in Accounting from Western Washington University and works for Seattle based company Expedia. Her two children joined the Kindergarten and preschool program at SAGA in Fall 2020. She enjoys spending time with her kids exploring the outdoors, gardening, cooking and of course traveling to visit the grandparents in Germany and Brazil. She’s looking forward to working with the SAGA Board to ensure SAGA’s bright future!