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Board of Directors 2018-19

Elke Robshaw


Elke Robshaw continues her three-year position serving as President of the SAGA School Board of Directors. Elke has served on the Board for a number of years and has two children at SAGA. During her tenure with the Board, Elke has played a key role in Hiring and Curriculum Committee work at SAGA. Her dedication and commitment has helped refine the schoolís missions and goals and ensure the quality of educators and education our children are receiving. Elke is a former Account Manager at Henner.

James Danielson


James Danielson joined the SAGA Board in 2010 and serves as the Board Secretary. Father of two elementary students and one middle school students, James has a background in law and works for the Seattle Police Department in Human Resources.

Torsten Heider


Torsten Heider joined the SAGA Board of Directors as the Treasurer in late 2017. Torsten holds a Masterís degree in Information Technology and worked for several international companies as an IT project manager. He relocated from Germany to Seattle in 2014 and especially enjoys the Pacific Northwest outdoors.

Barbara Curran-Steiner

Barbara Curran has been with the SAGA Board since 2009. Barbara is CFO of Curran Catalog and graduated from the University of Lausanne, Switzerland. Since joining the Board, Barbara has served the school in multiple functions and currently oversees the governance/trustee committee at SAGA. Barbara is mother to two middle school students.

Dr. Dana Bagwell

Dana Bagwell has enjoyed many years of experience with her children at the SAGA School. Dana has a PhD in communication from the University of Washington and has extensive experience living in and traveling around German-speaking countries. Dana is assisting the Board with fundraising efforts and communications. Dana is mother to two elementary students.

Dr. Olaf Weckner

Dr. Olaf Weckner was born in Goettingen obtaining his PhD in Engineering Science at the Technical University of Berlin. In 2004, he moved to Boston to continue his research as a Postdoctoral Fellow at MIT. In 2005, Olaf moved to Seattle to work for Boeing. Outside of work Olaf loves to spend time with his family, go for a run or drive his old Mercedes. Olaf joins the Board this year and will be helping on the Board with strategic facility planning. Olaf is father to one preschool student and one elementary student.

Claudia Probst

Claudia Probst holds a Masterís degree in International Business. While originally from Bern, Switzerland, for the past 14 years Claudia has been living and working abroad in various Business Development positions. She moved to Seattle in 2017 and joined the SAGA Board in June 2018 where she oversees governance.