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2016-2017 Afternoon Programs

About SAGA's Afternoon Programs

A robust program with classes to meet a variety of interests, the 2016-17 Afternoon Program includes an Afternoon Playschool, an Academic Program for Beginner's – 7th Grade students and a Preschool Playgroup on Mondays and Tuesdays; (NOTE: Classes are not held during Thanksgiving week, Winter Break, Mid-Winter Break, Spring Break and National Holidays.) an Enrichment Program featuring music and recorder lessons, and a Kinderstunde; and a series of courses featuring a Wilderness Course, and a Textile Course. For more information, email

Winter/Spring 2017 SAGA Afternoon Playschool

Tuesdays - Thursdays, 2:00 – 4:15 pm


The SAGA School is excited to announce that it is offering an afternoon playschool program on Tuesdays - Thursdays, from 2:00 - 4:15pm, starting February 1, 2017. The 3 day / week preschool program is open to children 2.5 to 5 years of age. Art, music, movement, and games will be introduced in a fun and relaxed German immersion environment. Children will experience the quality programming offered during the SAGA daytime programs, but in a shortened afternoon playschool program.

The tuition for the class is a monthly tuition, payable in 5 installments (February - June), of $291/month. Children must sign up for all three days. Tuition includes a total of 52 classes from February 1, 2017 - June 15, 2017, following the SAGA School calendar for closures due to school in-service days or holiday observance (no class during Mid-Winter Break or Spring Break). For more information and online registration, click here. Note: Children may not participate in the playschool on the same day that they attend SAGA.

Preschool Playgroup

Mondays, Tuesdays 4:00 – 6:15 pm

Register online!

The Preschool Playgroup, "Anita’s Playgroup", is open to children 2.5 to 5 years of age. Art, music, games and food will be introduced in a fun and relaxed playgroup environment. This group meets every Monday and Tuesday afternoon, 4:00pm - 6:15pm, from September 14th through June 6th, with the exception of major holidays and school closures. The playgroup is an ongoing session with open enrollment. Classes are $25 each, charged on a monthly basis. For questions, email Note: Children may not participate in the playgroup on the same day that they attend SAGA.

2016-17 SAGA Academic Program

Register online.

The school-aged academic programs are 32 weeks long and are designed to build upon German language skills developed in the home or through SAGA’s immersion program. All classes will develop German literacy; with the goal of building skills and preparing our students for German AP classes and language competency when traveling or working abroad. Classes start September 12/13, 2016 and end June 12/13, 2017.

Please email if you have any questions on the placement of your child.

2016-2017 Academic Program Schedule (begins Sept 12th/13th):

  • Mondays 4:00 - 6:15pm
  • Kindergarten (approx. ages 5 – 6 yrs old)
  • Unterstufe 1 (approx. ages 6 – 8 yrs old)
  • >>Preparation for A1 Testing (offered on Tuesdays as well; limited space)

  • Mittelstufe 1 & 2 (approx. 9 – 11 yrs old)
  • >> Preparation for A2 and A2 Test Class

  • Tuesdays 4:00 - 6:15pm
  • Unterstufe 1 (approx. ages 6 – 8 yrs old)
  • >>Preparation for A1 Testing (offered on Mondays as well; limited space)

  • Unterstufe 2 (approx. ages 8 – 9 yrs old)
  • >> A1 Test Class

  • Oberstufe 1 (approx. ages 10 – 12 yrs old)
  • >> Preparation for DSD 1 Testing

  • Oberstufe 2 (approx. ages 12 – 14 yrs old)
  • >> DSD 1 Test Class

Tuition Payment/Enrollment Agreement

Tuition for a 32 week session is $825 and can be paid in full or in three installments. Classes are held weekly with the exception of Thanksgiving week, Winter Break, Mid-Winter Break, Spring Break, and National Holidays (no Tuesday class following a Monday holiday).

To register for the Academic Program classes, please register online.

Register online!

SAGA Enrichment Programs

Register online.

The SAGA School Enrichment Programs consisting of a variety of 45 minute - 2.25 hour classes offering programs such as Kinderstunde, Wilderness Course, and Textile Course. (Not all courses are available at this time.) All classes are held in German. Please email to secure a space or send in an application. (Classes will not be held during Spring Break.)

2016-2017 Enrichment Program Schedule**:

Kinderstunde - Day (TBD)

9:30am – 10:15am Parent-Child Kinderstunde

Wednesdays - Blockfloete

1:15 - 2:00 pm Blockfloete/Recorder BI** (Full)

2:00 - 2:45 pm Blockfloete/Recorder B1a**

3:15 – 4:00 pm Blockfloete/Recorder B2*, by audition only

4:00 - 4:45 pm Blockfloete/Recorder B3*, by audition only

4:45 - 5:30 pm Blockfloete/Recorder B4*, by audition only

5:30 – 6:30 pm Ensemble Group (Adults welcome. Auditions encouraged.)

* New students: The recorder class levels are broken out based on experience and age. Individual lessons are available on first come, first serve basis for older beginners. A beginners group class with 1st - 3rd graders can be established if interest persists. Email to discuss options. Each child should bring his/her own Soprano recorder. The recorder specifications are described in the application. If your child is under 5 and you are interested in the program, please contact the teacher.

Sabine Endrigkeit, SAGA's recorder teacher, is also offering individual music lessons. Please contact Sabine directly at for more information.

Thursdays - Wilderness

3:30 - 5:45 pm, March 2 - March 23, 1st Grade - 4th Grade ($100)

3:30 - 5:45 pm, April 20 - June 1, K - 1st Grade ($175)

3:30 - 5:45 pm, April 20 - June 1, 2nd Grade - 5th Grade ($175)

Wednesdays - Textile

3:30 - 5:45 pm, April 19 - May 31st, 1st Grade - 4th Grade ($175)

** Children under 5 years of age who attend SAGA during the day may participate only when a parent is on the premises.

Music - Blockfloete/Recorder Programs

The Blockflöte / Recorder program at SAGA offers music instruction for all ages and levels of expertise. Very young beginners are being led into the world of music by the music cat. We will learn the foundation of recorder playing as well as experience music with our entire bodies, listen, sing, dance, and make music together on various percussion instruments. Rhythmic exercises, games and listening units taken from the Orff inspired program „Music and Dance“ by Rudolf Nykrin will enrich the experience. The more advanced classes expand on their knowledge of music reading and performing, learn how to co-operate in an ensemble and eventually delve into more challenging musical literature.

The 2017 Winter/Spring session consists of 18 classes. The cost for the Blockfloete classes is $252 and the cost for the Ensemble Group is $316 for classes January 4, 2017 - June 14, 2017. (No class Mid-Winter Break, Spring Break or the month of May.)

Parent-Child Kinderstunde (Morning Program)

Parent-Child Kinderstunde: 9:30am - 10:15am, Tuesdays

Our next session which will start in January 2017 and continue through March 2017, followed by Session 2 extending through June 2017.

Register online.

Experience German music, finger play, stories and movement with your child. Children ages 6 to 29 months are welcome.

The class is taught by Elisabeth Konopacki. Elisabeth is a native German speaker and was born and raised in Germany. She has previously worked as an assistant teacher at a German Saturday school in Winter Park, Fl, teaching children age 2-4, as a summer-au pair in a German-French family, and as a German language peer tutor for college students in Spain, Florida and Germany. She and her husband raise their three sons bilingually with German and English. Elisabeth has a bachelor degree in linguistics from UW and loves to share her passion for languages with others.

Class will be held once a week, Tuesdays, from 9:30am-10:15am. Session 1: starting January 10, 2017 and ending March 21, 2017 (10 weeks); Session 2: starting March 28, 2017 and ending June 6, 2017 (10 weeks). No class Mid-Winter Break and Spring Break. COST ($8/class for 10 classes): $80

No prior exposure to German is required for parent or child. For questions, email Register here.

SAGA Wilderness Course - Thursdays

SAGA Wilderness Courses: Register online.

Thursdays, March 2nd - March 23rd, 1st - 4th Grade, 3:30 - 5:45pm: This season will focus on identifying birds, on scout games and general increase of nature awareness. Social learning and teambuilding will be an integrative element in all the sessions. The March program will meet at Carkeek Park. Pickup will also be at Carkeek. 4 classes in total.

COST: $100 for the Thursday class

Thursdays, April 20th - June 1st, Kindergarten - 1st Grade, 3:30 - 5:45pm: In this course, children will improve their nature awareness and gain knowledge of mammals, birds, plants and survival in our ecosystem through exploration, play and interacting with land and the elements. Social learning and teambuilding will be an integrative element in all the sessions. Meeting point for this session is still being determined (either SAGA or Carkeek). Pickup will be at Carkeek. 7 classes in total.

COST: $175 for the Thursday class

Thursdays, April 20th - June 1st, Grade 2 - Grade 5, 3:30 - 5:45pm: In the Wilderness Class for older children, students will explore the forest learning about native plants and their uses. We will search for forest animals and birds and study the life cycle of salmon in Pipers Creek. At low tide we will look for animals in the tide pools. Students will also practice some wilderness survival skills and learn how to read a map and compass. There will always be time for free play, exploration and just having a great time being in nature. Meeting point for this session is still being determined (either SAGA or Carkeek). Pickup will be at Carkeek. 7 classes in total.

COST: $175 for the Thursday class

SAGA Textile Course - Wednesdays

Textile Course: Register online.

Wednesdays, April 19th - May 31st, weekly; 3:30 - 5:45pm. Students will be learning the fundamentals of using a sewing machine and hand sewing by practicing with beginning projects such as: drawstring backpacks, pot holders, hand warmers, lap quilts and projects of their choice. Students in 1st - 4th Grade are welcome. 7 classes in total. Cost: $175

For costs and further details, please reference the online application.

For more information or questions, email