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Adult German Language Classes

During the 2017-18 School Year, the SAGA School is excited to offer three continuing 1st Year German Courses for Adults: Beginners I in Fall 2017, Beginners II in Winter 2018, Beginners III in Spring 2018.*

Each class runs for 10 weeks and includes:

  • 20 hours of face-to-face instruction (2 hrs/week, Wednesdays, 6 - 8 PM)
  • Access to online platform with daily recommendations for written and spoken communication and development of cultural sensitivity skills

Please note: Due to budget and space limitations, classes will be cancelled unless they have a minimum of 8-10 registered students. Large clases will be capped at 20 students. Please register early in order to secure a spot in the class and to ensure the class is happening. We offer a $25 incentive for early re-enrollment (December 4, 2017) in our adult language classes.

Online Registration for Winter 2018 (Beginners II) is now open.

Beginner II - Winter 2018 (January 3 - March 14)

Continuation of Beginners I. Also recommended as a refresher course to students seeking to improve their communication skills in the present tense. For full description, please scroll down.

  • Wednesdays, 6– 8PM (two 55-minute sessions of instruction separated by a 10-minute break)
  • 10 weeks: January 3 – March 14 (except Wednesday, February 21)
  • Instructor Gloria Man has extensive experience in teaching German for adults (North Seattle College, University of Washington, University of Puget Sound, Berlitz)
  • General/Full Tuition: $400 for 10 weeks (20 hours of instructor)
  • SAGA Families and Alumni: $300
  • Tuition covers 10 weeks of class/meetings (20 hours of instruction) and access to the online course (review and self-study materials)
  • NOT included: Textbook - Kontakte, 6th edition by Tschirner/Nicolai/Terrell

Class Location: SAGA School, 11010 Greenwood Ave N, Seattle, 98133


Program Overview:

Communicative Language Learning: Our German-language program for adults focuses on practical and conversational German. 80% or more of class time will be dedicated to partner/group work and task-based activities. Students will learn the basics of the German Language in a fun and relaxed atmosphere.

Students will have access to an online practice platform that offers additional grammar explanations and diverse grammar and vocabulary quizzes, as well as listening and writing practice. For optimal progress in our classes, we recommend that students practice daily for 15-30 minutes. The online homework platform is tailored to each class and designed to encourage self-study.

Beginners I (offered in Fall 2017: Sept. 20 – Nov. 29, 2017)

Beginners I is designed for the true beginner or someone who has studied German in the past, but needs a fresh start. Some topics covered in this class are:

Some topics covered in this class are:

  • Introducing yourself: talking about origin, nationality, family & friends
  • Dscribing yourself & others: appearance and character traits
  • Identifying and describing the most common objects in your environment
  • Talking about your daily schedule, routine activities, and hobbies
  • Shopping for clothing, conversing about weather-appropriate apparel
  • Expressing likes/dislikes

Textbook: Kontakte, 6th edition by Tschirner/ Nicolai/Terrell (hardcopy).*

Beginners II, Winter 2018, January 3 - March 14 (Wed 6:00pm - 8:00pm)

Register Online!

Beginners II bolsters and expands students’ communicative skills in the Present Tense. The class is an optimal refresher to those who have had some exposure to German, but have not used the language in a while and would like to brush-up on their communication skills in situations related to daily routine activities.

Some topics covered in this class are:

  • Conversing about daily schedules, routine activities, and pastimes
  • Describing the most common objects in your home
  • Addressing needs and wishes
  • Ordering food and drinks in a café
  • Shopping in a department store
  • Talking about abilities and talents, tasks and responsibilities
  • Talking about motives and giving reasons for your actions
  • New grammar structures will include the accusative case, modal verbs, and sentence structure in main & dependent clauses

Textbook: Kontakte, 6th edition by Tschirner/ Nicolai/Terrell (hardcopy).*

*Please note: The most recent edition of Kontakte is the 8th. The instructor has chosen the 6th edition for its cost-benefit ratio. Buying a used hardcopy online is highly recommended. The 6th edition (recommended) and the newest are virtually identical in their presentation of grammatical concepts, vocabulary, and communicative activities. The main difference between the editions is the cultural content. The class will not use the book as a primary source of teaching cultural sensitivity, but will practice these skills organically, through task-based activities.

Beginners III, Spring 2018, Wed 6:00pm - 8:00pm, TBA: tentatively April 18 - June 20

Beginners III works on the fundamentals of communication in the Present and the Past Tense (the Perfekt).

The class is an optimal refresher to learners of German who would like to brush-up on their communication skills, in particular discussing activities related to daily life in the present and the past.

Some topics covered in this class are:

  • Conversing about past activities and events
  • Discussing the work-place and professional life, school and education
  • Talking about your life at home: describing your house and house-chores
  • Describing the city and the neighborhood
  • Going house-hunting, searching for a rental place and booking a hotel room
  • New grammar structures will include the colloquial past (Perfekt), the dative case, and sentence structure in main & dependent clauses

Textbook: Kontakte, 6th edition by Tschirner/ Nicolai/Terrell (hardcopy).*

Indication of Interest Form

We are unable to offer more advanced courses at this time, but we are working towards expanding our class offering in the Winter 2018. In order to help with these efforts, we are collecting information about prospective Adult German Class students to establish demand for adult learning. Please fill out this form. We will contact you if additional classes develop.