Adult German Language Classes

Fall Classes

Learn German in a community of learners.

We are partnering with Language Strides, a German language program founded by our long-time collaborator - and SAGA parent - Gloria Man, to offer you a dynamic and comprehensive German program for adults.

Courses focus on practical and conversational German. Class time is dedicated to partner/group work and task-based activities, so that the spoken language you practice in class can be seamlessly applied to real-life. You'll learn the basics of the German language in a fun and relaxed atmosphere, in a community of like-minded learners.

Each class runs for 10 weeks and includes:

  • 20 units of face-to-face instruction (2 units/week, 50 min. per unit, 6:15 – 8:15 PM)
  • Access to online platform with weekly recommendations for self-study
  • Instructor’s feedback on printed homework assignments
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Classes are held at different locations in North Seattle (i.e. The North Seattle College and The Good Shepherd Center), in classrooms outfitted to meet the needs of our growing community adult learners of German. You can find the exact location for each class by looking up the Class Details for the course that you’d like to take.

Tuition and Discounts

Regular Student $400
College/High-School Student $350
SAGA Family/Alumni
Close family of current/past students of the SAGA School
Continuing Student Discount
This is a re-enrollment incentive for students taking consecutive classes at Language Strides
  • Tuition includes: 20 units of face-to-face instruction and access to online course.
  • Tuition does NOT include textbook.

Program Overview:

Communicative Language Learning:Taking a class at Language Strides will expose you to a dynamic learning environment that fosters a community of learners. You’ll be immersed in a communicative setting backed by the rigors of a college-level program. You’ll expand your cultural understanding of the German-speaking peoples and develop structural tools for lifelong learning. Our ultimate goal as teachers is to keep you and your peers connected and engaged in the long-term endeavor of learning German even when you are not taking a class.

Adherence to Global Standards

Our classes adhere to the levels defined in the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages. The language skills you acquire in our courses can be measured objectively and are internationally comparable.

Classes Offered:

All classes are offered in the evening (6:15 pm to 8:15 pm), during the week.
Minimum enrollment numbers of 8-10 students apply.

Fall: Sept-Nov Winter: Jan-Mar Spring: Apr-Jun
Deutsch 1
Novice Low/A1.1

Deutsch 2
Novice Low/A1.1

Deutsch 3
Novice Mid/A1.1/2

Deutsch 4
Novice Mid/A1.2

Deutsch 5
Novice High/A1.2/2.1

Deutsch 6
Intermediate Low/A2.1

Deutsch 7
Intermediate Low/A2.2

Deutsch 8
Intermediate Low/A2.2/B1.1

Deutsch 9
Intermediate Mid/A2.2/B1.1

Questions/Comments: Send us a message at

Interested in a different skill level? We are working towards expanding our class offerings in the future. In order to help with these efforts, we are collecting information about prospective students to establish demand for more advanced levels. Please fill out the Indication of Interest Form. We will contact you if additional classes develop. Danke!